Seals for PVC Windows and doors
Seals for PVC Windows and doors

Seals for PVC Windows and doors

PVC door and window systems today are the most popular. And no wonder — they are durable and easy to maintain.

But only with one important condition — the quality of sealing. The system with a bad seal against noise, dust and water entails the customer dissatisfaction and material losses to the company. The best choice in this situation, the seals on the basis of TPE.

TPE seals production of «Asterion», consist of three parts.

First — soft and flexible for better grip. It is resistant to high temperatures, UV rays and ozone.

The second part — rigid and locks the gasket into the channel. It is made of rigid TPE, which is important to choose the right one for easy and correct fastening in the grooves.

The third part is added when it is needed in the design process. Can be used more rigid TPE and polypropylene, if this is necessary for the PVC.

Our products are manufactured in accordance with the standards of RAL 716/1, CSTB and TSE K 86.

100% recycled, environmentally friendly, and has a wide color gamut.

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